Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Entire crops being stolen in Hungary

Entire crops are being stolen from farmers' fields in Hungary. This is nothing new as it has been happening for quite a while. It is a well-known fact that "impoverished" Hungarians are stealing from their neighbours fields. This short documentary by German Deutsche Welle, highlights the growing problem that many Hungarian farmers are facing. This is not only costing the farmers a lot of money but also has negative impacts on the local and national economies as well.

If farmers are too afraid to grow crops, how will Hungarians be able to eat? How will the agricultural sector be able to grow? This is a dangerous trend that could have serious effects for Hungary if it continues. Penalties for crop theft have been stiffened and local farmers have taken it upon themselves to defend their fields from the thieves, but it doesn't seem to be enough. If the Hungarian government wants Hungarians to grow more crops and produce, then they must be able to offer protection to the farmers when they need it.