Friday, March 14, 2014

Time for Hungarian hospitality

Now for a little bit of Hungarian hospitality, which is well-known throughout Europe. Hungarians are a very friendly people who welcome visitors with open arms. Tourism to Hungary is a big business as millions visit Hungary every year. Hungarians enjoy wine and good food and also attend local festivals to celebrate with their friends and the community.

The English couple in this YouTube video got to experience Hungarian hospitality first hand and they were very impressed. This contrasts to all the "garbage" that is written by the western mainstream media about Hungary and Hungarians. 

The bashing of the government and the people of Hungary is a common occurrence in the orchestrated media. The media wants to paint Hungarians as a hateful people. Claims of "widespread" discrimination and xenophobia are nothing but "false flags" to turn international opinion against Hungary. Watch the video and see how friendly and open the Hungarian people are!