Thursday, March 13, 2014

Misleading article on minorities

Excerpt from NPR (


Ahead of next month's parliamentary election in Hungary, a published in February found the Roma minority in that Central European country face an unprecedented amount of violence and discrimination. While prejudice against Roma, pejoratively known as Gypsies, is widespread throughout Europe, the report says Hungary is more anti-immigrant and hostile toward minorities than elsewhere.


Editor's note: A very misleading article from NPR on the situation of minorities in Hungary. After reading this article, I got the feeling that minorities were being discriminated against and beaten up all over the country. This is definitely not the case! The mainstream left-wing media has been constantly bashing Hungary and its conservative government on a daily/weekly basis. They also attack Hungarians on "widespread" discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities in the country. 

Living in Hungary, I know that what this article says is false. The majority of Hungarians are friendly and very nice. Every culture or nationality has a minority of people that does bad things. We as Hungarians get very upset when we see misleading articles written about our country like this one. 

The world audience does not live here in Hungary and pretty much believes everything the mainstream media tells them. It seems that this article basis much of what it says on "hear-say" and on a recent report from the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights on the situation of the Roma minority in Hungary. 

What the article fails to report on is the Roma minority attacks and crimes on ethnic Hungarians in Hungary. They do happen you know, the mainstream media just doesn't want you to hear about it. By the way, why wasn't the western mainstream media complaining about the the communist terror inflicted on ethnic Hungarians for over 40 years?