Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The most infamous quote

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it. By conquest or consent."

James Warburg
in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, USA
February 17, 1950

Editor's note: If you still don't believe in the one world government theories, here is your proof. The globalists want to create a one world government. They use stealth to take over countries in order to control them like colonies. The European Union, North American Union, African Union, United Nations, NATO etc. are all globalist organizations today. NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) act as fifth columns to destabilize and push the globalist agenda in sovereign nations. Globalists use NGOs in their plan to take over nations by stealth. 

Both fascism and communism were globalist ideologies that were too harsh and ended up failing. All evidence points to the fact that it is the wealthy international banking families that are pushing the globalist agenda. They control politicians like puppets in order to get what they want. It doesn't matter if you vote right-wing, left-wing or centre, they are all controlled by the globalists. Many of these politicians are bought out by money or favours and the ones that aren't are removed from power by the globalists.

The globalists have been around for centuries and their activities still continue. They strip sovereign nations of their economic and political sovereignty. It then makes them colonies to be controlled by a small world body. 

The same thing is happening in Hungary with the European Union today. Luckily, Hungarians have woken up and see the globalist EU for what it really is. Time to wake up people, don't be a slave or colony to the globalists. Don't lose your independence, freedom and national identity to the globalist tyrants.