Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Orban bashing continues

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal (www.online.wsj.com)


With parliamentary elections coming up in April, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's center-right Fidesz party is leading in the polls. Yet the bold, Oxford-educated reformer of the late 1990s has become an outcast among Central European politicians, and for good reason. In the last four years, Mr. Orban's government has overseen one of the most important economic and political backslides in post-Communist Europe.


Editor's note: Yet another western mainstream media source (The Wall Street Journal) spreading misinformation about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his conservative government. The attacks by the media on the government occur almost daily. Every since the conservative government won the election in 2010, the western mainstream media has gone out of its way to try to destroy the credibility of the Orban government. 

The government in Hungary enjoys a huge lead in the polls leading up to the general election in April. They are also extremely popular with the Hungarian people. The aim of the government is to make Hungary strong economically and to return her to her conservative roots.

The purpose of the mainstream media attacks on the Hungarian government is to turn both national and international public opinion against them. The Hungarian people have woken up to the fact that external forces are using the mainstream media against their government and against their country. 

As long as the conservative government is in power in Hungary, we can expect the mainstream media attacks to continue on a daily basis. They won't rest until globalist-friendly left-wing coalition parties are in power.