Friday, February 28, 2014

Ukrainians remove Soviet Star

The Ukrainians want every reminder of the Russians and the Soviets gone for good. Several Soviet monuments and statues such as Lenin's, were removed by Ukrainian demonstrators in recent weeks. The removal of the Soviet star over the Ukrainian parliament was the most symbolic though. This scene would delight any anti-communist world-wide. Such an action committed during the Cold War would have been rewarded with a death sentence or life imprisonment by the authorities.

The symbol of the former Soviet Union was removed from the top of Ukraine's parliament building on Tuesday, as protesters took down a golden star that sat atop the building's flag pole. Ukrainian opposition leader Oleh Tyahnybok announced the star's removal in a parliament session on Tuesday, to no objections. The Ukrainians were subject to Russian/Soviet rule for many years. It is no surprise that they want any Russian influence removed from their country and national politics.