Thursday, February 20, 2014

Return to democracy???

Excerpt from Bloomberg news (


Hungary’s opposition alliance, trailing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s party ahead of an April election, agreed to phase out or overturn a spate of government measures including extraordinary industry taxes if they win.

“We pledge to rebuild the constitutional state, including a democracy based on the system of checks and balances,”

Editor's note: The leftist "Unity" alliance plans to undo what the conservative Fidesz government had built up in the last four years if they are elected. According to the most recent polls, it is highly unlikely that the leftist alliance will win the upcoming general election in April. The Hungarian opposition left-wing continues to use the rhetoric that democracy has been eroded under the conservative government.  

Democracy is alive and well despite what the Hungarian left and globalist international media say. Hungarians are fed up with the post-communist state that was administered by the Hungarian left in recent years (2002-2010). Corruption and mismanagement were common during the years of socialist rule. 

The conservative government was elected with a historic majority in 2010 and even four years later, enjoy a lot of support from the Hungarian people. What has angered the Hungarian left-wing is that the government is returning Hungary back to her conservative roots. For much of her history, Hungarian society was a conservative one. 

Over forty years of communism damaged Hungarian society greatly (1948-1989). It is a known fact that a majority of the members of the Hungarian left-wing opposition were card carrying communist party members or are the children or grand children of the most notorious communists in Hungary. 

The left-wing and international globalists hate anything that is conservative or Christian in nature. They wanted to spread their version of "liberalism" and liberal lifestyle to the conservative Central and Eastern European countries. More and more people in Hungary are seeing this to be true. Once elected in April, the conservative government will continue with the plan to return Hungary to her conservative roots.