Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Remembering the victims

Yesterday was a significant day in Hungary. Hungarians all over the country stopped to remember the victims of the communist dictatorship. The communist dictatorship existed in Hungary from 1949 to 1989. This video was shot outside the Terror House in central Budapest. The house used to be the headquarters of the infamous communist secret police (AVO) after the Second World War. Not only was it the headquarters of the secret police but it was also a dreadful torture facility as well.

Many innocent Hungarian were brutally tortured and killed by the AVO policemen in the basement of the Terror House. Countless thousands of Hungarians were brought to the headquarters over the decades. The outside walls of the building are covered by picture murals of the victims that were killed inside. At yesterday's remembrance, relatives placed candles on the walls and perimeter of the Terror House to pay respect to their loved ones that were killed by the communist regime. Watching the video, you can see that thousands turned out to remember the victims.

During the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, the Hungarians who liberated AVO police stations and found dreadful scenes inside. The secret police used the most brutal techniques known to torture people. Watch the video and see how Hungarians pay tribute to the victims. Communism in Hungary left deep scars and left both physical and emotional trauma on the people. Hungarians today must make sure that future generations never forget the crimes of the evil communist ideology. The video is very emotional and it speaks for itself. Never forget the Hungarian victims of communism R.I.P.