Thursday, February 20, 2014

EU flag thrown out!

The throwing out of flag of the European Union from a Hungarian Parliament window by patriotic Hungarian politicians has to rank as one of the best things to have ever happened there. Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Balázs Lenhardt removed two EU flags from the national assembly and threw them out of one of the windows in the parliament building. Both of the politicians are members of right-wing parties that are tired of the selling out of Hungary.

The symbolic and patriotic performance took place during a debate on the collective investment draft law, which also included the acquisition of agricultural land by foreigners, last week. The legislation was called treasonous by both of the politicians. Gaudi, who is a member of the nationalist Jobbik party, called the presence of the EU flag as a "symbol of colonialism" that didn't belong in the national assembly. He also added that there was no law in Hungary that required the flag to be displayed in the assembly.

After the remarkable incident, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy said to Hungarian news agency MTI that following May 1st, Hungarian agricultural land would fall prey to investors and foreign predators. Patriotic Hungarians and politicians on the right-wing are getting fed up with their agricultural land being sold off to foreign investors. It seems that all legal means to protect Hungarian agricultural land have been exhausted. Hungarian patriots have to find new forms of prevention to stop the full colonization of their country by foreign entities.

Support for the European Union is at an all time low. In a recent Gallup survey, 63 per cent of Hungarians are now disillusioned with the EU. More and more Hungarians are waking up to the fact that they are becoming political and economic slaves of Brussels (EU). We can expect that more of these types of "resistance" type of actions will continue. All we can say is bravo to these Hungarian patriots!