Friday, February 21, 2014

Deserve no more chances!

CÖF-CÖKA Civil Osszefogas

Recently, a billboard ad was placed up on the side of a downtown Budapest apartment building showing the leaders of the leftist parties of the "Unity" party. The ad was put up by the Hungarian Civil Unity Forum (CÖF). They are Hungary's largest civil movements in Hungary. They support the political and economic policies of the conservative Fidesz government, stand up against the European Union's double standards against Hungary, protest the vicious attacks of the globalist international media and the vulgar attacks of the leftist opposition parties on the Hungarian government.

The billboard ad's caption says "Nem érdemelnek több esélyt" which means "deserve no more chances". It is a warning to Hungarian voters not to vote for the leftist "Unity" coalition. The last time the leftists ran Hungary politically (2002-2010), it was a complete disaster due to corruption and mismanagement. We can be sure that the Hungarian people will not give the leftist parties another chance in power this time around. The billboard ad generated a lot of controversy and the leftist politicians pictured in the ad complained. Regardless, many on the right have found the ad to be rather funny.

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