Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Conservative view on family roles

According to a recent Ipsos survey published, Hungarian youth have a conservative view of the male-female roles in the family. The survey revealed that 44 per cent of 15-25 year-old Hungarians held a traditional view of the family, while 32 per cent were egalitarian and the rest were unsure. Among the "traditionalists", 60 per cent agreed with the traditional distribution of roles, that being men earning a living to support the family and women looking after the children and household. The survey also found that 58 per cent disagreed with the idea of a woman earning a living while the man cared for the children at home.

Among the "unsure" respondents, 40 percent supported the traditional distribution of male-female roles and 46 percent of the group supported the man's role to ensure financial security for the family. Finally, 55 percent of the Hungarian youth surveyed supported the fact that men should undertake a larger share of caring for children and doing housework. Ipsos conducted the survey among 550 respondents.