Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quote of the day

“We understand the concerns about the state of democracy in Hungary that have been raised by people both inside and outside of this country. Some of these concerns are very serious. They need to be resolved democratically, by Hungarians, and this country’s democratic institutions, its checks and balances and rule of law, need to be strong enough to support that process.”

A quote from U.S. Senator John McCain who visited Budapest last Friday. He made these comments in a press release while in Hungary. McCain added that "The United States and the rest of the free world have an abiding interest in Hungary’s continued development as a strong, inclusive, and tolerant democracy, with a free market economy, an independent judiciary, and a free media. It is our hope that Hungary’s upcoming election will demonstrate the vibrancy, competitiveness, and fairness of Hungarian democracy."

Editor's note: The United States usually sends some kind of "representative" once and a while to make sure that Hungary is keeping in line with the globalist plan. Both the U.S. and the European Union are globalist political agents that seek to undermine both the political and economic sovereignty of free nations. Hungary has deviated from the globalist plan because of the policies of her conservative government. 

Both the U.S. and EU continue to create a false impression that Hungary is no longer a democracy or is one the verge of becoming a dictatorship. They seek to undermine a democratically elected government. Hungary is a democracy regardless of what misinformation the U.S. and EU spread. In light of recent events with the globalist EU, the conservative government of Hungary enjoys popular support from the Hungarian people.