Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quote of the Day

“Dear Ukrainian friends, don’t come to the EU! You are going to be sorry!”

A recent comment from István Lovas, who is the Brussels correspondent of the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet. In the December 2013 interview with the Voice of Russia, regarding the ongoing political drama in Ukraine, Lovas said that people in Hungary are suffering due to Hungary's EU membership. He added that many Hungarians are now disenchanted with the European Union. 
Read the interview here: link
Editor's note: Since joining the European Union in 2004, Hungary has basically lost and given up its autonomy. Hungary has now become a "colony" to a much larger political entity (EU), very much reminiscent of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It has become a "dumping ground" for cheap western European goods. The average Hungarian now lives in uncertainty and the country and its conservative government receives bad press from the western media on a daily basis. 
The vote in favour of Hungary joining the EU in 2003 was 83.8 per cent of votes cast, with a voter turnout of 45.6 per cent. After a very disappointing decade-long relationship with the EU, a recent survey by Gallup shows that 63 per cent of Hungarians are now disillusioned with the EU. We can see why the warning from Lovas is entirely understandable.