Friday, December 07, 2012

Video: Horthy enters Budapest

This is the complete video of Horthy Miklós entering Budapest on November 16, 1919. You can see Horthy riding on his white horse at the 4:00 mark. A short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic had existed just before the city was liberated. Horthy was a conservative traditionalist who wanted to have the old borders of Hungary restored again. He was not a fascist or a Nazi as the Hungarian left-wing often claim. The left-wing in recent years have smeared the legacy of Horthy in the attempt of portraying him as a negative figure in the history of Hungary.

A majority of Hungarians view Horthy in a positive light. They see him as a true Hungarian even though Hungary was on the losing side in the Second World War. Horthy was a strong defender of Hungary's Christian traditions and history. He stood up for Hungarian national interests throughout his life. While in power as the regent of Hungary (1920-1944), Horthy had both fascists and communists held in prison for their extremist views.

After the Second World War, Horthy was cleared by the Allies of any war crimes. Even though he was accused by some, he was never found guilty. He would live out the rest of his life in exile in Portugal. His remains were reburied in Hungary in 1993. This was in accordance with his last wishes which were that he not be returned to Hungary until the last Soviet soldiers left the country.

Hungary needs a man like Horthy now more than ever. There on those on the Hungarian left that seek to sell out Hungary to globalist and foreign interests. These people are hateful of their Hungarian heritage and identity. We will never have Horthy Miklós again, but one day we will have a politician that embodies the spirit of Horthy who will stand up for Hungarian interests and will stand against foreign intervention in our country.