Saturday, December 08, 2012

Little secrets of Budapest

This is a nice feature about the little secrets of Budapest. It was made by iFly TV which is the official TV station for the Dutch airlines KLM. The lovely lady in the feature takes us on a tour of Budapest's most popular spots as well as the ones that aren't that well known. Budapest has many cafes, baths, parks and historic buildings and monuments that are waiting to be discovered. Hungarians are extremely proud of their beautiful capital city. There are also many markets and shops that sell all kinds of unique merchandise. There is something for everyone in Budapest.

After Paris and Vienna, Budapest is the third most beautiful city in Europe. The city has a very long history and has survived the ravages of the Second World War. The whole downtown area in Pest and the Buda Castle district had to be rebuilt after the war. More renovations have been done since the end of communism, returning Budapest to her former splendour. Make it your priority to visit Budapest at least once in your life, you won't be disappointed!