Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New market for wine

China has now become Hungary's third-largest wine market outside of the European Union. Sales of Hungarian wines are increasing in China year after year. Nearly EURO 2 million worth of Hungarian wines were sold in 2011 in China. Russia and Canada are the two other large non-EU markets for our wines. The two best known Hungarian wine brands in China are "Tokaji" and "Egri Bikavér". Hungarian wine companies attended an international wine expo in Beijing recently to advertise and sell their brands. Hungary has many micro climates and rich soil types that contribute to the rich taste and success of our wines.

Businesses in Hungary are now looking outside of the EU to sell their brands. This is because Hungary is being discouraged in marketing their brands and merchandise within the EU. Hungary has become a dumping ground for expensive goods and brands from Western European EU countries. It was reported that the EU offered large sums of money to Hungarian farmers to destroy their vineyards. This is hardly a surprise as the EU seeks to destroy the industrial and agricultural sectors of Hungary.

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