Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Despicable act during Christmas

An advent cross was vandalized in Veszprém

An advent cross in the city of Veszprém was vandalized by unknown individuals last weekend. The cross had been put in a square in the city by the nationalist Jobbik party to remind holiday shoppers of the true meaning of Christmas (the birth of Christ). The vandals spread cow manure at the base of the cross and spray painted the inscriptions on the display. Representatives of the Jobbik party have condemned the act. The police in the city have now launched a criminal investigation into the matter.

The vandalism of any religious symbol is an extremely cowardly act and pretty low. At Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior. The vandalism of the cross displays a clear hate and disrespect towards Christians. A majority of Hungarians recently declared themselves as Christians (either Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical). Hungary has been a Christian country for over 1,100 years. The vandalism of the cross is a clear attack on the Christian belief of the majority of Hungarians.

The identities of the vandals are not known, but it is a good guess that they are the same type of people that vandalized statues and plaques dedicated to various Hungarian patriots this year. Numerous incidents occurred in which people from the Hungarian far-left defaced the memorials dedicated to right-wing historical figures. The acts of vandalism caused an uproar in Hungary when they occurred.

These acts show that the hate and prejudice of those on the left know no bounds. This latest act of vandalism is likely not to be the last as so many have occurred. It is still sickening to the stomach that someone would do something like this at Christmas time. Respect, decency and tolerance are traits that some on the left do not cherish or practice. Merry Christmas.

For photos of the vandalized cross, click here.