Monday, November 19, 2012

No fascism in Hungary

Despite what the Hungarian left-wing and the international mainstream media say, there is no fascism in Hungary. Yes, you heard that correct. A recent survey by the pollster Szazadveg found that two-thirds of Hungarians disagreed with the crazy notion that a threat of a fascist dictatorship existed in the country. The survey asked if they agreed with the statement that "Hungary was moving towards becoming a fascist country".

According to the exact results, 67 percent of Hungarians rejected the statement, 22 percent agreed with it and 11 percent were unable to give an opinion. The survey also found that a majority of Hungarians who supported left-wing parties such as LMP, Socialist Party and the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), agreed with the statement. On the other hand, a majority of Hungarian right-wing supporters rejected the statement.

This recent survey shows that a vast majority of Hungarians are not buying into the crazy notion that "Hungary is becoming a fascist country". It is nothing more than a left-wing fear mongering campaign that was supposed to create national and international backlash against the democratically elected conservative government of Orbán Viktor. Even if a majority of Hungarians disagree with this statement, the damage created by the Hungarian left-wing has already been done.

The international mainstream media in the last two years has bombarded their viewership and readership with the message that Hungary was becoming a "fascist state". As a result, many in the world have now come to view the conservative Hungarian government in a negative light. The conservative government of Hungary is trying to undo 40 years of damage done by the former communist regime in the country. They are also trying to move Hungary back to her conservative roots to which she rightfully belongs, something the left-wing in the country despises hence the hate on their part.