Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Video: Polish-Hungarian Friendship

This is an excellent YouTube video featuring the special friendship between Poland and Hungary. The two countries have been good friends for over ten centuries. At one time, Poland and Hungary shared a common border when Hungary was the Kingdom of Hungary. There have never been hostilities between the two countries, which is a little uncommon in Central European history. Throughout the Middle Ages and in recent times, the region was embroiled in bloody wars and conflicts between neighbouring countries.

King Władysław III of Poland, was also the king of Hungary (Władysław I of Hungary from 1440). Also, Hungary's Stephen Báthory, became an elected king of Poland and reigned from 1576–1586. He is considered by many historians to be one of Poland's greatest elected kings. In more recent times, both Poland and Hungary supported each other in difficult political times. This applies to the communist period during the Cold War, as both countries rebelled against the communist dictatorships that lead their countries. In the process, both countries offered each other good moral support and help.

Good relations and some common history between the two countries are the foundation of the special relationship that exists. Please watch the video above, I really enjoyed it!