Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Karl Marx" celebration

Viewer discretion advised: This video contains profanity.

This video was taken outside of the White House after President Obama's reelection recently. The video shows hundreds of brainless youth that are celebrating his reelection by chanting "Karl Marx" several times. Karl Marx was the revolutionary socialist whose ideas contributed to the socialist and communist movements in the 20th century. He is considered to be the founder of communism by many people.

Considering the direction America is now going in, these students will soon have their wish of living in a "utopia". Maybe someone should take one of these students have them talk to a Hungarian who lived through the "communist experiment". This would give them a good first hand account of what it is really like living through real socialism. 

This video illustrates who really makes up Obama's fan base. Unfortunately in Hungary, there is a small number of these types who want to turn back the clock and return to the dark days of the old communist/socialist regime. One could only imagine what the reaction would have been if Romney won the election and a crowd of youth would have chanted the names of renown fascists in front of the White House.