Friday, November 09, 2012

More media fear mongering

Excerpt from theguardian (

Viktor Orbán's grip on government is suffocating democracy in Hungary.

The prime minister's changes to voting rules will discourage poorer voters and consolidate his power.

At the end of last month, the Hungarian parliament – which is dominated by the Fidesz Party, led by the prime minister, Viktor Viktor Orbán  – passed a constitutional amendment on voter registration. The new amendment will allow citizens to vote in elections only if they register in advance either in person or electronically. Critics of this move have pointed out the new amendment will help the powerful leading parties at the expense of smaller political groups in the 2014 election: poorer and hesitant voters are less likely to register, and more likely to stay away from the ballot boxes on election day.


Editor's Note: Yet another left-wing fear mongering piece on the "tyrant" Orbán Viktor. This time it is from The Guardian mainstream news source. As usual the mainstream media is trying to misinform and scare the people of the Western world. This piece is attacking Orbán's plans to change voting rules in Hungary and impose voter registration. Many western democracies have voter registration in place and has long been a feature in those countries. Countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany and the United States all have voter registration. 

So what's the big deal? The deal is that the Hungarian left-wing would rather keep Hungary in the dark days of communism. While Orbán is trying to move Hungary closer to democracy with "real" democratic practices and institutions, the Hungarian left would rather see Hungary keep her old undemocratic character that was so prevalent in the communist years. 

Why isn't the left-wing complaining about suffocation of democracy in the United States or Canada due to voter registration? Anyway, the writer of this piece seems to be European Union-friendly and endorses Gordon Bajnai who is the new left-wing opponent of Orbán.