Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Displays in the Raoul Wallenberg secondary school in Budapest are shocking many at a time when Hungarians are commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Teachers and organizers at the secondary school have allowed students to post displays and photographs praising well-known communist leaders. The pictures of Stalin, Lenin and Rákosi are displayed on the walls of the school. There are also pictures of communist red stars and the dreaded "Rákosi badge" on the walls as well. In addition, slogans such as "Long live Lenin", "Long live Rakosi" and "Long live the Soviet Union" are also posted on the walls by the pictures. 

This action by the school is utterly disgusting and shocking especially at this time of the year. As millions of Hungarians are remembering one of the most important events of the 20th century, there are unfortunately those that are praising the worst mass murderers and criminals in Hungarian and world history. This is a clear indication that there are those in Hungarian society that still praise the communist ideology and its leaders. Luckily these people make up a small minority of Hungarian society but nevertheless are very dangerous. Could you imagine the reaction or outcry if a high school put up pictures of Nazi leaders and swastikas?

I've mentioned several times in the past that communists are alive and well in Hungary even in the 21st century and here is the proof. It is interesting how this will work out or if anyone has made any complaints with the Budapest police. The public display of the symbols of tyranny (Nazi and communist) are illegal in Hungary and are punishable by the law. This display of communist figures by the school is disgusting, shocking and in very poor taste.

To see the photos, click here.