Monday, October 01, 2012

Protest against the murderers

Hungarian democrats and nationalists marched on the houses of the well-known communists Bela Biszku and György Mátsik. These two criminals were heavily involved in the post-1956 reprisals against Hungarian citizens and freedom fighters. The reprisals included the murder, torture and imprisonment of many innocent civilians and even children. To this very day, both Biszku and Mátsik don't regret what they did decades ago. 

They are faithful communists and Bolsheviks that still believe what they did was right and just. These monsters live in large villas and receive a higher than average retirement pensions while the vast majority of ordinary Hungarians just manage to get by every day. In total, a few thousand protesters showed up at both of the houses to make their voices heard. The crowd of protesters was a good mix of young and old Hungarians who wanted to make sure their voice of protest was heard. 

Many carried signs and flags as they walked to the houses of the communists. The protests were organized by the political party Jobbik and patriotic organizations such as the Hungarian Guard and the Kurultaj organizers. Both of the protests were successful and showed the communist murderers that they can't get away with their crimes, even after more than 50 years.