Friday, October 26, 2012

Hungarian-Canadians remember

This video commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 from Toronto, Canada. It was held in Budapest Park on Toronto's lake shore back in 2006. It was organized by the local Hungarian community and included an honour guard and canon from the Canadian military. There are a lot of people of Hungarian ancestry that reside in Toronto. There is a Hungarian House community centre, a few Hungarian churches and small Hungarian businesses located in the city as well. In addition, there are also Hungarian cultural groups and sports associations that operate in Toronto.

Canada has a sizable Hungarian community which stands currently at around 315,000 people that live all over the country. Most Hungarian-Canadians live in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. There are also many who live in the provinces of Western Canada. Much of the agricultural landscape there reminds them of the old country. The majority of Hungarians came to Canada after the Second World War and then a larger wave came after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The first Hungarians arrived in Canada back in 1866 when they settled in the province of Alberta.