Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shocking sentencing

Communist judges still litter the Hungarian judicial system.

The left-wing lawyer and long time socialist party supporter Dániel Péter, was sentenced by the Siófok Municipal Court today. Back in May he vandalized a new statue of Horthy Miklós in the town of Kereki shortly after it was erected. He poured red paint all over the statue and left a sign on it. He bragged about what he had done and even took pictures of himself in front of the desecrated statue. The left-wing hate monger was found guilty by the court but not without controversy.

The judge who is most likely sympathetic to the left, told Dániel Péter that what he had done was "socially useful" and "morally positive". His comments have already created a lot of controversy in Hungary. This judge is obviously a relic of the old communist system by saying such things. The Hungarian left-wing hates Horthy Miklós or any nationalist Hungarian figure for that matter. They want to permanently destroy the ethnic Hungarian fabric of the nation. In all reality they are "Hungarian haters" but afraid to admit it publicly because of the backlash that it would create. 

It is no surprise that a left-wing leaning judge would believe that it was "useful" or "positive", but what surprised people is that he actually said it. Judges are typically known to be impartial and refrain from political comments or activities. Obviously this is not the case in this situation.

The current conservative government of Hungary is trying to remove the old communist judges by forcing them to retire. There have been a lot of controversial rulings by the communist judges in recent high-profile cases. This incident goes to show that the conservative government has their work cut out for them as the judicial system in Hungary seems to be littered with the "left-leaning" communist judges.