Monday, March 12, 2012

Pro-government rally draws more than 400,000+ participants

Photo: Derzsi Elekes Andor, (CC)

On January 21, 2012, over 400,000 plus Hungarian patriots marched in support of the conservative government of Orban Viktor. In recent weeks leading up to the march, the Orban government and Hungary had come under vicious attacks by far-left and globalist agents in both the European Union and the world at large. There were exaggerated lies that democracy and freedom were in peril due to the "fascist tyranny" of Orban Viktor and his government. Globalist and far-left supporters in Hungary created a hysteria and used their globalist contacts in the EU to propagate their agenda against the Orban government and their own country.

 Photo: Derzsi Elekes Andor, (CC)

Hungarians from all over Hungary attended the "March for Peace" in Budapest. Hungarians from the neighbouring countries also attended. There was a large number that had also come from Erdely (Transylvania, Romania). The "March for Peace" started at Heroes Square and made its way down Andrassy Street and ended in front of the Parliament building. Heroes Square filled four different times as the national anthem of Hungary was played four different times (Heroes Squares holds 100,000 people max.). The side streets that lead to Andrassy street were also choked with marchers and supporters of the Orban government. 

Official estimates by the Budapest police and the Ministry of the Interior, put the size of the marchers at over 400,000 people! Al Jazeera put the size of the marchers at 100,000 x 4 (400,000). Not surprisingly, left-wing media in Hungary and the globalist western media put the figure at 100,000 marchers. Many protests supporting Hungary against the EU and globalists here held in Poland. Poland and Hungary have a warm history of friendship and support in the face of foreign tyranny. The march was a huge success that showed Europe and the world that Hungarians at large supported their democratically elected government.