Friday, August 31, 2012

Socialists sink to new lows

Hungarian voters are extremely disenchanted with the Hungarian Socialist Party

The recent support for the Hungarian Socialist Party (Magyar Szocialista Párt/MSZP) is is so low that they are literally on their knees. No joke! The latest opinion polls show that there is extremely low support for the socialists. This has the socialist party and their leadership extremely worried. The Hungarian people have never forgiven the socialists and their former leader, Ferenc Gyurcsány. He was the leader of the socialist party and the Prime Minister of Hungary from 2004 to 2009. In March of 2009, Gyurcsány resigned as prime minister. Sinking public support and the poor performance of his government led him to resign. In 2010, the socialists were crushed in the election.

It was under Gyurcsány's government that the police led a brutal crackdown on anti-Gyurcsány protesters back in 2006. His government also did absolutely nothing beneficial for the country for years, as he admitted in a taped speech to his socialist party back in 2006, which led to the protests against him. Gyurcsány, like many of the former communists in Hungary, got extremely rich through their use of old party contacts during the regime change in 1990. The vast majority of Hungarians were barely making ends meet at the time Gyurcsány and the socialists (former communists) were making themselves rich. Their growing wealth, obtained through unorthodox means, definitely alienated the average Hungarian from them. 

Gyurcsány led one of the worst governments in recent Hungarian history

Many of the current Hungarian Social Party members were former card carrying members of the old communist party that ruled the country with an iron fist. Many of them were ardent supporters of the old totalitarian regime in Hungary. Though times have changed and democracy had come to Hungary, the "old guard" of the socialist party and their children switched their uniforms and loyalties. They now have new loyalties today.

Instead of being subservient to Moscow like they were during the Cold War, these individuals are now subservient to Brussels and the European Union. Rather than being loyal to their own people and country, these individuals would rather sell out Hungary's well-being and interests to the globalist movement. Their party is known to be backed by foreign masters (EU), who don't have Hungary's best interests in mind. 

The latest polls indicate that the socialist party will be reduced to small party status in the next election in Hungary. Socialist party advisers were now even thinking of boycotting the next election to gain political points with the international community. They are hoping that they will cause a "democracy is threatened or at risk" effect as they did earlier this year with other left-wing parties when they tried to topple the democratically elected conservative Orbán government. 

The socialist were hoping that international pressure would force Orbán out of power. The opposite happened, over 400,000 Hungarians marched in support of Orbán's government in the March for Peace earlier this year in Budapest. Hungarians have a long memory and will never forget or forgive the socialist party. The socialists only have themselves to blame for their shortcomings and failures.