Monday, August 27, 2012

Controversial anniversary

The Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda), celebrated its fifth anniversary this weekend at the Hősök tere (Heroes Square) in downtown Budapest. There was an assembly of about 2,000 guard members and supporters that attended the event. This YouTube video report by the liberal Hungarian media outlet ATV, backed up the 2,000 figure. There were various speeches given by those who organized the event. Jobbik political leader Gábor Vona and other nationalist group leaders gave speeches about the current globalist threats facing Hungary.

The speakers warned of dark and difficult days ahead where Hungarians must know where they stand on issues. They also warned about the intentions of the European Union to create an "United States of Europe" in which Hungary will cease to exist and become insignificant. The Hungarian Guard is extremely controversial in Hungary today. The Hungarian left-wing often labels them as Nazis and extremists for their political views. It should be noted that the Hungarian Guard donates food and clothing to the needy, donate blood to hospitals, and they often clean up neglected cemeteries of Hungarian patriots and soldiers. We have yet to see the members of the Hungarian left-wing do the same. 

The Hungarian Guard have also come to the assistance of Hungarians in the countryside who have been plagued by the Roma crime wave. In the past, the guard have been banned by authorities for patrols they conducted in crime invested towns and villages. Ethnic Hungarians have often complained to authorities about the lack of police protection in rural areas that are effected by Roma crime. Due to the lack of interest by the authorities in protecting their own citizens, the Hungarian Guard had taken it upon themselves by launching foot patrols in these areas in order to deter crime and protect people.

A small group of extreme leftists protested across the street from where the anniversary event was being held at Heroes Square this weekend. The two groups were separated by Budapest Police who maintained a peaceful atmosphere. One leftist activist was taken into custody by the police as he assaulted a cameraman for taking his picture. A few other protesters were taken away for wearing masks as it is a crime to wear a mask in public in Hungary. At the end of the assembly at Heroes Square, the police had to escort the protesters back to the underground metro station for their own safety. The Hungarian Guard supporters got feed up with the antics of the protesters and followed them and jeered them along the way.