Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beautiful Flash Mob in Budapest

A very unique flash mob gathered in the historic Buda Castle District recently. This flash mob was made to be the overture of the 2013 Ars Sacra Festival. The song that they sang was The 'Evening Song' (originally "The Evening Prayer"). It is a Hungarian folk song that was adapted by Zoltán Kodály for his choral work. Zoltán Kodály was a very famous Hungarian composer of the 20th century. The song, expressing the essence of the "Hungarian soul" was sung in one of the most wonderful parts of Budapest. You can see the positive reaction of the foreign tourists gathered there. Even thought they didn't understand the lyrics in Hungarian, the beauty of music was enjoyed by all.

The lyrics to the song are as follows:

Text in Hungarian:

Erdő mellet esvélëdtem,
Subám fejem alá tëttem,
Összetëttem két kezemet,
Úg'kértem jó Istenëmet:
Én Istenëm, adjál szállást,
Már mëguntam a járkálást, a bujdosást,
Az idegën földön lakást.
Adjon Isten jó éjszakát,
Küldje hozzám szent angyalát,
Bátoritsa szívünk álmát,
Adjon Isten jó éjszakát.


Evening darkness overtook me near the woods;
I have put my coat under my head (i.e. as a pillow),
I have put my hands together,
to pray to the Lord, like this:
Oh, my Lord, give me a place to sleep,
I am weary with wandering,
with walking around and hiding,
with living on foreign land.
May Lord give me a good night.
May he send me a holy angel.
May he encourage our hearts' dreams.
May he give us a good night.