Thursday, August 02, 2012

Remembering Stalin's purges

When Stalin came to power, he eliminated all political opposition to him. Many of those eliminated were Communist Party officials and members that he thought could be a threat to him. Apparently, within the communist camp, there were many interpretations of communism. Stalin believed that there should only be one communist superstate such as the Soviet Union. Others that disagreed with Stalin believed that communism should be spread to the whole world (worldwide).

The people who believed in international communism were branded as "enemies of the people" and put on show trials. They were all made to "confess" for their crimes. They were all executed so that Stalin's view on communism would be the official view. A large number of the "old guard" were executed by Stalin. These were the original Bolsheviks that took part in the 1917 Russian Revolution. This shows that Stalin's purges took place both outside and inside his Communist Party. 

Stalin would also go on to purge the military as well. Tens of thousands of Soviet generals and officers were executed under Stalin's orders. This would have profound effects on the Soviet military when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in World War Two. Because of the purges, the Soviets would lack competent and experienced military leadership. Stalin's madness knew no bounds as almost every part of Soviet society was purged. In any case, Stalin was the worst mass murderer in human history as he would literally wipe out his own people and party members in order to maintain his hold on power.