Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Red terror continues...

Supporters of the old communist regime are still active in Hungary today

The terror and the hate by the extreme left-wing in Hungary doesn't seem to be slowing down. In recent months, statues and plaques dedicated to various patriotic and nationalist Hungarian figures have been vandalized by members of the extreme left. Usually under the cover of night, these cowards have defaced and vandalized memorials dedicated to Hungarians who have sought in their lifetimes to the preservation of the Hungarian nation and culture.

The most recent despicable act of vandalism only occurred this past weekend. A plaque dedicated to the victims of communism at the Chain Bridge in Budapest, had red paint thrown all over it. This act shows that even those who fought a justifiable revolution against tyrannical forces for freedom and democracy are targets as well. It is a good bet that the acts of vandalism will continue in the coming months.

The wave of vandalism against right-wing Hungarian memorials was started by the renown left-wing sympathizer, Dániel Péter. He is a lawyer who is a well-known supporter of the former left-wing Gyurcsány government. His open act of vandalism of the Horthy Miklós statue in Kereki back in May of this year touched everything off. Since then, there have been many copycat acts of vandalism against patriotic memorials all over Hungary.

Photo of plaque can be found here: http://www.nemenyi.net/default.asp?SID=1&AID=0&Direkt=103363