Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Students support the right

In a recent study, it has been shown that a higher number of Hungarian university students are supporting right-wing political parties in their country. The right-wing nationalist party Jobbik seems to be the preferred party according to the study. It was found that 32 percent of all university students supported the nationalist party, followed by the left-wing LMP party (Politics can be different) with 29 percent. The conservative party Fidesz had 25 percent support and the left-wing socialist parties only had 13 percent support. The support for Jobbik is actually higher in the provincial universities in the country where they actually have 50 percent support.

From the study, we can see that both the right-wing parties have a total of 57 percent. The left-wing parties in Hungary combined, only have a total of 42 percent amongst students. This indicates that the right-wing has a larger margin of support. The study also found that the majority of students get their information on politics from the internet. The students that support right-wing parties are also more inclined to vote as opposed to those on the left who don't vote for their parties.

This is a significant study because it shows that the educated youth of Hungary are not buying  into the left-wing globalist message in their country. In a few years time, these educated students will become the leading professionals in Hungarian society. The overall significance of this study is that only Jobbik and Fidesz could attract significant youth vote in the country.