Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hysterical nonsense

YouTube is just full of videos that are spreading hysterical nonsense that Hungary is on the way to authoritarianism and that democracy is on the decline. This is just one example of these kinds of videos. I wanted to give an illustration to our readers about what kind of nonsense is being said by the mainstream media and the far left about the intentions of the current conservative government. Many of these videos are made up by left-wing minded individuals who seek to destabilize a democratically elected government in Hungary. 

The current conservative government was elected with a historic majority. Hungarian voters rejected the socialists after they did literally nothing for their two terms in power. Eight years of incompetent socialist rule in Hungary caused a lot of damage to the country. There was a lot of corruption and many scandals during their tenure. As I mentioned in a previous post, democracy is alive and well and functioning properly. This is contrary to what the Hungarian left and their friends in the mainstream media say. The current conservative government is repairing decades of damage done by the old communist regime in Hungary. Some of the vestiges of the old system have remained even to this very day. A new constitution was enacted recently, which cause a lot of controversy and discontent amongst the Hungarian left. This needed to be done as Hungary was the last of the former Eastern Bloc countries to change their constitution.

Even though the old communist constitution of 1949 was amended in 1989 with the regime change, a new constitution was needed in order to reflect current democratic values. The current government decided to make the new constitution reflecting the traditional values of Hungary, conservative values that existed in Hungarian for over 1,000 years. The new constitution clearly states that the unborn fetus has rights and that marriage is between a man and a woman, notions which the Hungarian left despise and reject. The Hungarian left and its mainstream media allies continue to spread falsehoods about the current government and the people of Hungary. 

It is ironic that the Hungarian left is claiming that the Hungarian right is authoritarian when it is they who are the successors and inheritors of the former communist party in Hungary. Many Hungarian left-wingers were card carrying members of the communist party and represented their party in the Hungarian Parliament during the Cold War. The current aim of the Hungarian left is to sell Hungary and its citizens to the globalists. By doing this, they want to make Hungary the political and economic slaves of the European Union. As free citizens, we must resist the hysteria created by the Hungarian left. It is up to us to see through these lies and deceits to know that Hungary is democratic and not in danger of slipping back to authoritarian rule.