Monday, July 30, 2012

Spreading more fear

Spreading fear through disinformation is an effective tactic the Hungarian left has used.

As mentioned previously on this blog, the Hungarian left-wing created a mass hysteria and fear that democracy was threatened and that authoritarianism was on the rise in Hungary. They used the mainstream media to spread this fear to the rest of the world. As a result, many in the world thought that what the media  was saying about Hungary was true. The Hungarian left did this because they didn't like the changes that the current conservative government did to the constitution and the judicial system.

Many of the changes made by the Fidesz government were conservative in nature and represented Hungary's traditional Christian values. Hungary has been a Christian country for over 1,000 years. This YouTube video shows a discussion on the issue of the rise of authoritarianism in Hungary. At least this political program invited a Hungarian government spokesman to defend the conservative government's actions. Many programs or reports in the mainstream media on the situation in Hungary are very one sided. They often don't show the whole story and leave viewers with a bad impression of Hungary's conservative government.

The current conservative Hungarian government won in a landslide in a historic election by winning nearly two-thirds of the vote. This shows that they clearly won the mandate and the backing of the Hungarian people. As the government spokesman in the video mentioned, the changes were necessary in order for Hungary to remove any remaining communist vestiges that remained. Hungary was also one of the last of the former communist countries in Central Europe to change their own "communist" constitution and judicial system. You'll notice that the majority of people who oppose the government's actions are those of the left-wing or globalist-friendly organizations such as human rights organizations. 

The opponents of the government use words such as authoritarian and dictatorship very loosely. Many of the members of the current conservative Fidesz government fought against the communist dictatorship in Hungary 20 years ago. The left-wing forgets that it is the Fidesz activists who fought for the right of people to demonstrate and protest in the streets. Had Fidesz never acted years ago, Hungary could very well be under the communist jackboot today.

The changes made by the conservative Fidesz government were totally necessary in order to reflect current democratic ideals. These changes also reflect Hungary's traditional values which are Christian values. These are the values that the Hungarian left-wing despise the most, this is why they were so opposed to the changes made by the conservative government. It is no surprise that the Hungarian left will continue to use the mainstream media to bash the policies of Hungary's government and to spread falsehoods about it.

The continued support of Hungary's government by the Hungarian people show that the government still has the support and backing of the people. The most recent reliable polls still show that the government still has a lead over the opposition parties.