Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Murder shocks Hungary

The murder of 25 year old Kata Bándy has shocked the people of Hungary. It was a senseless murder that was perpetrated by a Roma (gypsy) male. It made national headlines in the major media outlets in the country. Ethnic tensions in Hungary are now increasing because of the murder. Bándy was a young and beautiful girl was killed in the city of Pécs. She was a police psychologist who worked at the Pécs police department. Bándy was celebrating her girlfriend's 25th birthday in a night club with others. She left the nightclub and was never seen again. 

Her co-workers became suspicious when she didn't show up for work a few days later. Her body was later found in a bushy area in a Pécs neigbourhood. According to the police, she was raped and strangled by her killer. Days after her murder, the police caught a 26 year old Roma called László Péntek, who confessed to the crime. The police found evidence in the room he was staying at that connected him to the murder.
The murder of Bándy has many Hungarians now calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty in the country. It is not known whether the death penalty will return as Hungary signed documents with the European Union when they joined promising that the death penalty will not be used. 

Since the regime change in 1989, over two thousand Hungarians have been killed by the Roma. The mainstream media in Hungary does not report on the many assaults, rapes, thefts and murders against ethnic Hungarians by the Roma minority. Often the ethnicity of the criminals are not mentioned by the media in the attempts to protect them. What makes it worse is that the government in Hungary does not officially recognize that there is a Roma crime problem in the country. The murder of Bándy has shown this to be false and is now making more Hungarians call for action. 

The government must acknowledge and recognize that this is a problem that needs to be addressed if things will get better. Many people in the country are now very upset with this issue. They are demanding that action be taken by the government and the police in tackling Roma crime. Some have even called for the Roma community in taking more responsibility and action. In any case, the murder of Bándy was senseless and a tragedy. Officials must act swiftly on this issue before more young Hungarians are killed for no reason at all.