Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More support for Orbán Viktor

Former Austrian federal chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel supports Hungary's conservative government.

There are a lot of haters of the conservative government of Orbán Viktor. Many of the haters are not just in Hungary, but are in other countries or who belong to globalist-friendly organizations. Obviously, those Hungarians who are on the left-wing are no big Orbán fans. They look to their allies in the European Union to support them by attacking the Orbán government on just about everything they do. These attacks on Hungary's conservative government have been going on for months now. Orbán's government has taken Hungary on a conservative course, and rightly so! 

Hungary has been a conservative country/kingdom for centuries. Liberalism and communism only reared their ugly heads in Hungary in the last two centuries. The globalist-friendly organizations that currently attack Hungary on a regular basis are; Venice Commission, Council of Europe, European Union, Amnesty International etc. These organizations constantly bash Hungary on their media laws, freedom of press, Roma (gypsy) rights, treatment of refugees, and Hungary's recent conservative stance (conservative constitution).

The Hungarian left, along with their globalist allies in the EU and mainstream media, went ballistic when the Hungarian government changed the constitution. The government changed it to reflect Hungary's conservative history and traditions. Hungary was the last former communist country in Central Europe to change their communist-era constitution. So what was all the fuss from the left about then? Simple, they did not want their beloved communist constitution changed and cried like babies when it was. The constitution was outdated and had to be changed. A lot had changed since the days of Rákosi and Stalin. The communist constitution in Hungary was enacted in the late 1940s when the communists took power. Credit must go to Orbán's government for changing it. It should have actually been changed in the early 1990s shortly after the political changes of 1989/1990.

Former Austrian federal chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel was in Budapest recently as a speaker. He told a Budapest conference that he believed that the Hungarian government was doing the right thing by using its two-thirds majority. Hungarians wanted and voted for reforms by electing the governing parties according to Schuessel . He expressed his support in the parliament of Hungary as well as for the governing Fidesz party. Contrary to  what the globalist-friendly mainstream media says, Schuessel said that Fidesz “does not endanger democracy” but is using its power to drive the country in the right direction. He added that European nations need a “new, modern and sober patriotism”, which is a new perspective that focuses on independence and freedom and also stresses affiliation to the motherland.

The attacks by the mainstream media and globalist-friendly organizations against Hungary will continue. We have seen a lot of high-profile individuals and organizations join these attacks. There are many individuals, intellectuals and politicians that have come to Hungary's support in these troublesome times. It is very important that those who support Hungary continue to support us and speak out against the unfair attacks against Hungary's conservative government. When they attack our government, they are in fact attacking Hungary herself. The enemies of Hungary are powerful, but united together we can be just as powerful if not more!