Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leftist vandals arrested

Four perpetrators wanted to damage the newly unveiled Horthy statue in Csókakő. Apparently, they were caught by members of the New Hungarian Guard. The New Hungarian Guard and other nationalist organizations that contributed to the erection of the statue decided to guard the statue. It is guarded by members of the New Hungarian Guard 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The members of the guard apprehended the perpetrators before they could damage the statue and then tied them up until the police arrived on the scene. 

A police office confirmed that one of the perpetrators is a supporter of Ferenc Gyurcsány, the much despised former left-wing prime minister of Hungary. As usual, the police also harassed the members of the New Hungarian Guard. The recent wave of leftist vandalism started with Dániel Péter's vandalism of the Horthy statue in the village of Kereki a few weeks ago. Dániel Péter is a well-known Ferenc Gyurcsány supporter. He threw red paint all over the statue damaging it. That incident had become a police matter and is under investigation. We can expect more acts of vandalism from the extreme left in Hungary as they are relentless in their mission to damage statues and memorials dedicated to Hungarian patriots.