Friday, June 15, 2012

Hungary declared "safe country"

The Canadian Parliament passed Bill C-31, which will crack down on bogus refugee claims

The Canadian parliament passed the governing conservative party's Bill C-31 the other day. Due to decades of liberal immigration and asylum policies, Canada had become a "doormat" for bogus and false asylum claimants. The Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney repeatedly highlighted the large number of Hungarian Roma (gypsy) claimants. According to the government, the majority of these cases are abandoned because the claimants don't show up or are rejected. Because of this, Canadian taxpayers had to cover the costs for the expensive health care and welfare benefits that the claimants received while waiting for the hearings on their cases.

Left-wing Canadian news source interviews socialist and liberal politicians about Bill C-31. Why wasn't a conservative politician invited for their view? 

In 2011, Canada received over 4,000 refugee claims from Hungarian nationals. This was up drastically from just the previous year. The overwhelming majority of these refugee claimants were Hungarian Roma (gypsies). The Roma refugee claims this year were the most from any European country.  The current acceptance rate for claimants from Hungary is two percent. Bill C-31 will protect Canada's Immigration System Act. It will allow the government to remove bogus claims faster, speeding up the time to process a case and in the end save Canadian taxpayers money.

The Canadian government in the past has slapped visas on such countries as Mexico and the Czech Republic. Hungary too had visas slapped on due to the large number of Roma refugee claims in the early 2000s. Because of Bill C-31, claimants will be dealt with within a 45 day period. The current period to have their cases heard is 1,000 days. Within this 1,000 day period, claimants are eligible for very generous health and welfare benefits. Apparently, the Hungarian Roma claimants in Canada are upset with the bill as they claim "stereotyping" and "racism".

The Hungarian government welcomed the passing of the new bill. Many of the refugee claimants stated that there was organized discrimination against them and that gangs of skinheads and Magyar Garda roamed the countryside beating them at will. These claims prompted the Canadian government to send fact-finding delegations to Hungary to gauge the situation there. Not surprisingly, the delegates found no organized discrimination against the Roma. In addition, they received assurances from the Hungarian government that there was no government sponsored discrimination against the Roma. 

There is what is called a "safe country" provision in Bill C-31. Due to the passing of the bill, Hungary has now been declared a safe country by the Canadian government. This is welcomed news for the Hungarian government as they tackled with the fact that people thought that there was systematic discrimination and racism against the Roma in Hungary. Apparently, it was quite the opposite. The Hungarian government is relieved that the issue has now been resolved.

According to a Hungarian government source, the vast majority of Hungarian Roma who applied for refugee statues in another country had done so in Canada. Judging by the current acceptance rate of two percent for the Roma claimants, this will mean that the vast majority will have to return to Hungary. This undoubtedly, will place a huge pressure on the various levels of Hungarian government to support them if they had sold their homes before they left Hungary for Canada. In any case, it seems that the Canadian "holiday" will be over for bogus refugee claimants in Canada. Canadian taxpayers can now rejoice.

This legislation was needed almost two decades ago in Canada. Canada has always been known as a tolerant, peaceful and generous country. Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, there have been many who would seek to take advantage of this generosity. This will definitely benefit the Canadian taxpayer, who had to foot the bill to support bogus refugee claimants. Who knows how many bogus refugees were granted asylum in Canada over the years. What we do know is that Canada will no longer accept abuses of their immigration and asylum system. Furthermore, Hungary has been declared a "safe country" due to Bill C-31. This is good news as Hungary had to deal with the false label of being an "unsafe country" in the last couple of years.


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