Monday, May 21, 2012

Remarkable footage

Editor's Note: This video shows you just how big the pro-government march was. Globalist media tried to minimize the size of the march by reporting that only a quarter of the actual number showed up. This is another reason not to trust the globalist mainstream media.

This remarkable video footage was taken at the Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary. It was taken at the start of and during the pro-government march on January 21, 2012. The pro-government march was organized by patriotic Hungarian organizations to support the conservative government of Orbán Viktor. According to the left-wing globalist media outlets, only 100,000 Hungarians showed up to support their government against EU aggression and intimidation. In fact, a total of over 400,000 Hungarians showed up to support their government and country.
The number of over 400,000 is according to official estimates by the Ministry of the Interior and by the Budapest police. During the march, Heroes Square in Budapest filled up four times and the Hungarian anthem was played four different times to each of the crowds. Heroes Square in Budapest can hold around 100,000 people at the most. The square filled up four different times, so the number of the pro-government marchers was 400,000. Not to mention the thousands of others who joined the march on the side streets and at the Hungarian Parliament where the march ended. Once again, it is interesting to see how the globalist media tried to manipulate things by claiming there were only 100,000 marchers instead of the over 400,000 that official Hungarian sources said were there. The video is sped up to show you just how many people filled up Heroes Square. Please watch the video.