Monday, April 02, 2012

Mind your manners comrades!

The YouTube video shows the resignation speech of President Pál Schmitt. Schmitt honourably resigned his position with a speech in front of the members of the Hungarian Parliament. All parties were present at the speech today. Both the far-left (socialists & LMP) and the far-right (Jobbik), had called for his resignation for days. In his speech, Schmitt had said that he was dishonoured and humiliated by the whole affair. He said that he had a "clear" conscious and that he fulfilled the university regulations that were in place when he wrote his dissertation in 1992. He gave a blessing to Hungary and to the work of the parliament and then left. During the speech, members of the left-wing parties often made loud and rude remarks as Schmitt gave his speech. This was done to disrupt the order of the house. They also loudly cheered at his decision to resign and then stormed out of the Parliament chamber. Please watch the video.