Monday, April 02, 2012

The President of Hungary resigns

President Pál Schmitt resigned today. This comes after weeks of attacks against him about his academic past. For the last couple of years, the Hungarian left-wing has rabidly been attacking Pál Schmitt. They called him the "puppet" of Orbán Viktor. The left-wing did what ever they could to get rid of him and now their wish has been full filled. A recent allegation of academic misconduct was brought against him. As a result of an investigation, the Semmelweis University Senate in Budapest, decided to rescinded his doctoral degree due to plagiarism. 

Only just a few days ago, Schmitt vowed to remain despite the university's decision. He firmly believed that he had done nothing wrong and acted according to the rules of the university when he wrote his dissertation in 1992. In a speech to the Hungarian Parliament today, President Pál Schmitt gave in his resignation. There had been intense media and political pressure on him to resign since his degree was rescinded. In his parting words to the parliament, Schmitt said that he resigned for the "good and unity" of the Hungarian people.