Friday, March 23, 2012

What the Hungarian left-wing doesn't want you to see

This video is by the Pesty Fekete Doboz production company in Hungary. It shows the truth about Gypsy and ethnic Hungarian relations in Hungary today. In the show, an evangelical Gypsy leader of a small town apologizes for everything Gypsies have done to Hungarians i.e. crime and stealing. The Hungarian left-wing had the Hungarian state TV broadcaster M1 pull the documentary due to complaints and pressure. This video is in the Hungarian language.

The show only aired only once on the M1 state TV channel. The documentary showed the truth about the relationship between Gypsies and ethnic Hungarians. The apology by the evangelical leader prompted the left-wing to claim that the leader had no right to apologize as it made the Gypsy community look collectively guilty. This video is now only available on YouTube only. This action by the Hungarian left-wing is a little ironic as it is they who are complaining about the lack of press and media freedoms under the conservative Hungarian government. But by through a small number of complaints, have managed to make M1 television pull the documentary, talk about press and media freedoms.