Thursday, March 29, 2012

New video features Polish supporters in Budapest

A new video on YouTube shows the 5,000 Polish supporters who came to Budapest on March 15th, 2012, to support the conservative Orbán government. This is the first video of the Polish supporters marching in Budapest that show their large numbers. It also shows how Hungarians warmly and gratefully welcome their Polish brothers. Pay attention to the end of the video as the Polish supporters enter Kossuth Square at the Hungarian Parliament to hear Orbán's speech. This video is in the Polish language.

Editor's Note: Notice how thousands of Hungarians warmly greet the Polish. You'll also notice that all the side streets leading to Kossuth Square were completely clogged with thousands of Orbán supporters who could not be seen by the television cameras. Polish and Hungarians are historically good friends and support each other in rough times. Poland and Hungary have an excellent relationship that has lasted for over 1,000 years.