Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy March 15th Revolution Day! Boldog Nemzeti Ünnepet!

Happy March the 15th! We would like to wish Hungarians around the world and our Polish and Lithuanian brothers a happy March the 15th Revolution Day (nemzeti ünnep). On this day Hungarians commemorate the Revolution and following War of Independence against the the Austrian Hapsburg rule in 1848-1949. This holiday is one of the most prominent in Hungary. On this holiday, Budapest is dressed up in red, white and green to celebrate. There are many events, speeches and performances that celebrate this day in Hungary. Many people also wear a cockade with the national colours. 

Petőfi Sándor was a Hungarian poet and national revolutionary. He is considered to be Hungary's national poet and a key figure in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. This year's national holiday is considered to be especially important as Hungary once again faces a foreign political power (European Union) dictating  to her.

Today, hundreds of thousands descended on downtown Budapest to commemorate the national holiday. Thousands of Polish and a smaller number of Lithuanians brothers travelled to Budapest to celebrate the holiday and show their support for the conservative Orban government. Quite recently, this government has come under increasing far-left and globalist attacks from home and abroad. Thousands of Hungarian, Polish and Lithuanian flags could be seen all over downtown Budapest, particularly in the parliament and castle districts.

According to initial western globalist media, Prime Minster Orban Viktor gave a strong and passionate speech in front of over 200,000 Hungarians and guests (real accurate figures to be confirmed later). He said that Hungary's sovereignty was at stake and rejected becoming a "colony" dictated by a power from abroad. Orban also said “Hungarians write their own constitution and don’t need unrequested help from foreigners who wish to direct our hands". Orban also criticized the EU for treating Hungary as "second-rate" citizens and not as equals. Other smaller demonstrations occurred throughout the city by far-right and far-left groups which numbered from a few hundred to a few thousand.