Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quote of the day

“We jointly said no to the decades-long dictatorship forced upon us and jointly said yes to seeing our nation’s future in the family of European civic democracies.”

Hungarian President Janos Ader said today at a special event marking the 15th anniversary of Hungary’s NATO accession. Ader was at the Papa Air Base which is located in western Hungary. He said that Hungary's European Union and NATO accession opened a new chapter in Hungarian history. He mentioned that 25 years ago in 1989, Hungarians expressed their wish to live in democracy and freedom.

Editor's note: From one dictatorship into another, we as Hungarians haven't really gotten that far in reality. We've gone from the tyrannical rule of the Soviet Union/communism to the tyrannical rule of the European Union. Experts on the Soviet Union point to the fact that the EU resembles the Soviet Union very closely. 

The set up, structure and the fact that the EU president is unelected is testament to this fact. The EU is a left-wing globalist political entity. It is highly anti-Christian and anti-nationalist. It seeks to erase national borders and destroy homogenous European cultures. Member states or countries in the EU become political and economic colonies or "puppets" subject to the will of Brussels. Free and independent countries lose their freedom and sovereignty for receiving EU funding money. 

Many of the key political figures withing the EU structure are left-wing and far left-wing politicians. The EU started out originally as a trade union between European countries but it has slowly turned into a giant political entity. The globalists use stealth and deception to achieve their goals and have slowly taken over many of the free countries of Europe. Hungary is only one of the few that is standing up to the globalists and has taken a "beating" for doing so.