Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Leftist pre-election propaganda

The Hungarian left have released a video aimed at the youth of Hungary, particularly those under 25 years of age. The video is called "Te se szavazz 25 alatt!" or in English "Don't vote under 25!". The Hungarian left-wing is getting pretty desperate just before the general election to release such a video. They are urging the young people of Hungary to stay away from the election and not to vote.

The video shows Hungarian youth who don't care about the election or about anything in general. The young actors in the video use a lot of bad and inappropriate language in the video. This is something the leftists are capable of creating. This video has been getting a lot of negative reviews on the internet.

Rather than getting the youth of Hungary involved in politics, they want to keep them away for selfish political reasons. They know fully well that the majority of Hungarian youth support right-wing parties and are conservative minded. Both the conservative ruling Fidesz party and the nationalist Jobbik party are supported by a vast majority of youth today. The leftist parties are supported by most seniors and retirees who lived well under the communist years, many of whom are dying out now. It is expected that the right-wing political parties will make huge gains in the April general election.