Thursday, March 20, 2014

Leftist political TV comercial

 It took very little brains and a lot of bananas to make this commercial.

Things are really starting to heat up with the Hungarian general election coming up in only a matter of weeks. If the leftists think that making funny monkey commercials is going to win them the general election, they'd better think twice! This commercial was created by the leftist Negyedik political party that is running in the election. The Negyedik Party (4K! - Fourth Republic) is a left-wing social-democratic political party that wants to create social justice through a revolution, which sounds a little extremist to me. The commercial pokes fun at conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a monkey with bananas and using his quoted voice.

The real funny thing is that all the leftist parties are trailing behind the right-wing parties according to all the most recent polls. There are too many left-wing parties running and they are not united because they often fight one another. Hungarians are fed up with the corruption and mismanagement of the left-wing, that is why they have put all their faith in the right-wing parties. The right-wing has proven themselves to be a much better choice with a proven track record, and Hungarians know this.

The Hungarian right-wing conservative government has improved the situation in the country. According to government officials recently, Hungary was almost bankrupt in 2010 when the conservative government came to power. This dire economic situation was created by the former left-wing socialist government that was in power from 2002-2010. This TV commercial is just another futile attempt by the left-wing to try bring back the glory days of communism. The leftists won't be in such a happy and jolly mood when Orban's government wins another majority on April 6, 2014.