Friday, February 21, 2014

Quote of the day

“One should not be taken in by the government’s playing for time; plans to falsify history must be prevented once and for all.”

A quote from one of the leftist "Unity" coalition leaders and former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai. He said this in a blog post about the conservative Fidesz government's decision to postpone the unveiling of a controversial World War Two monument in a downtown Budapest square. Bajnai said that this recent decision by the government was a "just a small step forward" for Hungary. 

Editor's note: The monument that the government wants to unveil symbolizes the occupation of Hungary by the Nazis in late 1944. It shows that Hungarians were victims of the German occupation in addition to the minorities that were persecuted by fascists during WW2 in Hungary. It has generated a lot of controversy because the left-wing and their supporters living in Hungary believe that it will deflect responsibility way from Hungarians for all the deportations and murders that occurred late in WW2 in Hungary. 

The left-wing and their supporters believe that ALL Hungarians are responsible for their sufferings during the war. They also accuse the late Regent Horthy Miklós of being responsible for war crimes even though it is a known fact that Hitler had Horthy removed from power and replaced him with the fascist Arrow Cross Party. Hungary was then occupied by German troops afterwards who helped to support the Hungarian fascist party and keep them in power. 

It should be known that Regent Horthy was never charged or found guilty of any war crimes by the victorious Allied powers after WW2. The left-wing and their supporters should feel incredibly ashamed that they want to put collective guilt on a whole nation of people for the actions of a few. The actions or views of a few do not represent the whole nation. To hold a whole nation of people responsible for the crimes of a few in the past is not only ludicrous but ridiculous as well. 

We hope that the conservative government continues with their plans to unveil the monument. After all, many Hungarian Christians were persecuted by atheist fascists for their beliefs. How soon we forget about them!