Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Memorable quote

"We cannot trust the party-state to change of its own accord. Remember: on October 6, 1956, on the very day Lászlo Rajk was reburied, the party's daily declared in bold letters: "Never Again!" Three weeks later, the communist party ordered its security forces to shoot and kill defenseless people. Before two years had passed, the MSZMP had hundreds of innocent people, even party members, sentenced to death on trumped-up charges."


An excerpt from the famous speech a young Viktor Orbán gave at the reburial of former Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy (1953-1955). With Soviet troops still in Hungary in 1989, Victor Orbán was the courageous 26-year-old student spokesman for Fidesz, the Federation of Young Democrats, who spoke at the reburial ceremony in Budapest's Heroes' Square. In 1989 the Hungarian government, "rehabilitated" Nagy and reburied him and four others with full honours.