Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bye, Bye IMF!

In a remarkable move, Hungary has managed to pay off its IMF debt, all under the guidance and governing of the conservative Fidesz government. Within a few years of their mandate, the conservative government has turned around the economic situation in Hungary. It's a proven fact that eight years under the left-wing socialist government was an economic disaster. From 2002 to 2010 while the socialists were in power, nothing was done to improve the economy and the lives of Hungarians.

The socialist left-wing government continued to sellout Hungary to the European Union and the globalists. Hungary's strong agricultural and industrial sector are all but gone and Hungary has become dependent on buying goods from western Europe. Apartments, properties and businesses in Hungary were sold "dirt cheap" to people outside the country after 2002.

A decade after joining the EU, Hungary has become an economic colony and political puppet for Brussels (EU). Now the conservative government of Hungary is turning things around and making Hungary less dependent on foreign economic and political institutions. The IMF is in almost every country of the world. They give loans and make sovereign countries dependent on them to pay off their debts. The IMF would rather you not pay off your debt immediately but pay it for decades if not more.

Hungary has taken the first successful step in removing globalist and internationalist intervention. She has paid off her debt to the IMF and sent the international creditors packing, something which troubles the globalists. Things are starting to look much better for Hungary thanks to the conservative government, the next step is to remove ourselves from the dreadful European Union all together.